Reputational Risk, Main Risk Associated with Online Social Media

Sandeep Mittal, I.P.S.,*   The Indian Journal of Criminology & Criminalistics, Volume 35 (2) July – Dec. 2015 Abstract Social media is undoubtedly a revolution in the business arena blessing the organizations with the power to connect to their consumers directly. However, as the saying goes nothing comes without a cost; there is cost involvedContinue reading “Reputational Risk, Main Risk Associated with Online Social Media”

Understanding the Human Dimension of Cyber Security

Sandeep Mittal, I.P.S.,*   Abstract It is globally realized that humans are the weakest link in cyber security to the extent that the dictum ‘users are the enemy’ has been debated over about two decades to understand the behavior of the user while dealing with cyber security issues.Attempts have been made to identify the userContinue reading “Understanding the Human Dimension of Cyber Security”